Revealing My Prada Fairy Bag

January 6, 2023 By jkret 0

have you ever been too scared to carry a new handbag? maybe it takes you a few days, weeks, or months. For some of us, it can take years before taking a new bag out. I have a bag in my collection that is so special to me; it has only been worn twice in two years. What bag am I talking about? The Prada Fairy bag.

It may seem hypocritical to say that I have a bag that I keep safe and sound in my closet because if you read my articles, you will know I am a big believer in bags being carried and loved. However, the Prada Fairy has been different for me. I consider it the crown jewel of my collection, as it is extremely delicate, rare, and very sentimental to me.

Prada Fairy Bag
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Ψώνισε τώρα

I need to rewind to fully explain how this bag came to be mine and why it has sentimental value. I remember reading a PurseBlog article about the illustrious Prada Fairy bag, seen on the arm of Hilary Duff, back in my college dorm in 2008. I became enamored, as I love fairies and folklore, and of course, I fell in love with the bag’s unique design and artistic nature. The bag was (and is) incredibly hard to find, and at its debut, it was well out of my reach as a college student with no income. So the Fairy bag turned into a handbag dream, a holy grail of mine. In 2018, I wrote an article on the Fairy bag, highlighting why I still loved the handbag so much a decade later and how it is seemingly impossible to find on the resale market. My obsession with the beautiful Fairy continued.

My wildest dreams became a reality when the Prada team sent me an email that they had seen my article on the Fairy bag and wanted to send me a thank you gift. In a pure state of shock and having little idea of what to expect, I anxiously waited and watched the tracking number their team had sent me. I could not (and still cannot!) believe my eyes when I opened the box to find a Prada Fairy Bag waiting for me inside. I cried (a lot!), and even to this day, I still cannot believe the magical way the bag came to be mine. The Prada team truly made my dreams come true.

So, why haven’t I shared this beautiful bag until now? quite simply, I have been too nervous about carrying her. made of beautiful deerskin, the bag is incredibly delicate. The leather is thin and dainty to the touch, and I am terrified to cause any damage. The fairy design has been known to bleed if exposed to moisture, and I do not want to risk any harm coming to my bag. The Fairy bag is more of a piece of art than a practical bag to carry, so I preserve her on display in my closet. I can see her every day when I get ready for the day, but she isn’t exposed to the elements. For a while, I kept my bag in its dust bag and box at all times, but I have taken it out so I can look at her every day, which I count as progress!

Prada Fairy Bag
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I recently decided on a whim to take my Fairy bag on an outing to a garden with my sister and nephew (yes, I got some side-eye that the bag would be around a rambunctious toddler, but he did well!). It made me realize life is too short not to carry bags that are important to us. Is my Fairy bag going to be my new daily carry? No. but am I going to carry it more often than I have been? Σίγουρα! It brings me great joy every time I look at it and even more joy when I wear it (tinged with a hint of handbag anxiety). I plan on bringing her out more often. It honestly boosts my mood to have such an incredible piece on my arm.

It truly is a magical bag in so many ways.