Dear Millie: Months 15, 16 & 17

December 20, 2022 By jkret 0

Dear Millie,

I discovered myself costs more as well as more time trying to keep in mind every bit thing that makes you, you these past three months. I feel the days passing at a rate far as well quick for my liking, as well as with each day you not only discover more, you modification so much! I keep in mind the very first few months with you, exactly how the time went by truly slowly as well as you were so peaceful as well as peaceful; though you needed so much, you likewise didn’t need much. now you’re thought about a toddler, as well as each day brings something new as well as goes by so fast!

You started walking on the weekend of your Uncle Joe’s wedding. You were a flower girl, as well as when your uncle (my brother) very first got engaged, I assured him as well as his now-wife that you would be walking down the aisle as a flower girl. When I state you started walking on his wedding event weekend, I mean the day of his wedding—you walked down the aisle holding the hands of the other flower woman as well as ring bearer, as well as then took off after that. You were the cutest flower woman (no really, I am biased, however you were), so well-behaved as you sat with my household as well as checked out books while the ceremony took place. You used a gown that seemed like it might be itchy, however you smiled as well as ‘talked’ to everyone. as well as you stayed awake well past your bedtime without any complaints, though you woke up an hour earlier every day. You liked key West as well as are obsessed with roosters. We saw so many roosters as well as chickens, as well as that is by far your preferred animal at this time in your life. You try to state cock-a-doodle-doo, however it mainly seems like caca, as well as your whole body tenses as well as squeals with delight when you see one. This obsession started with Hei Hei, the rooster in the movie Moana.

When you wake up, you don’t cry; instead, we either hear you speaking in your crib or you kick the side of the crib just waiting on us to find get you. however when you’re up, it’s go, go, go. You are so active, you truly don’t sit down or rest. everybody around me, starting with my mom as well as including total strangers, always tells me what an active youngster you are. You don’t truly hit a wall, you would just play all the time if you could, as well as you don’t see the function in stopping. You like choosing up products that are far as well heavy for your bit frame as well as bring them around the house. Grabbing one of the dog’s toys as well as tossing it to him is likewise one of your preferred pastimes that leaves you feeling so proud that you gave him a toy. You like helping me with tasks, like cooking, so I usually hold you as well as tell you the stove is “hot” as well as you state “hottttt,” as well as then watch me make you your meals.

You’ve started speaking as well as one of words you like utilizing most is happy. You like stating the word happy as well as reality be told, it is the very best word that might be utilized to explain you. No matter what comes your way, you are happy. You decrease the ‘h’ so you wind up just stating “APPY” with the biggest smile across your face. I laugh, since the words you pick up on are not truly usable in daily life, you haven’t cared to discover one word that symbolizes you want more food or drink or sleep. however animals, well, you have been discovering as well as stating animals’ names like it’s the very best thing ever. Turtle, dog, bear, bird, as well as bull are a few of your favorites, as well as when we’ve identified turtles at the pond near our house, you acted like we won the lottery!

This stage is so much fun with you; you are delighted when you see me or your dada when we come around the corner. You don’t sit down much to cuddle, however when you do, it’s the most lovable thing that I try to just bottle up as well as keep in my heart forever. In the mornings, after I get you out of your crib as well as bring you to our bed to nurse, you speak to us, as well as that’s the closest you come to cuddling closely. I like the conversations you have with me; you enunciate words with so much emotion.

Though you are constantly on the go, never sitting down, as well as still having more allergic reactions than I seem to be able to handle (kid, you are so sensitive!), you are the light of our lives in more methods than I might ever put into words. I am amazed that you are mine as well as exactly how you keep growing as well as changing. I am so “APPY” to be your mama.