Ultra-Luxe Bags and vintage Rarities abound at Christie’s next Auctions

March 23, 2023 By jkret 0

good bags are hard to find. creating real luxury takes time and investment, both for the sourcing and processing of the finest materials and for the careful, detail-perfect construction that goes into making luxury leather goods with them. the best designers choose to take that time, which indicates that fewer of those pieces are made, and seasonal pieces, limited editions, and rare, exotic leathers can be gone in a flash—like all luxuries, a lot more people want them than can have them. At the Christie’s June handbags & accessories online Auction, as well as Christie’s next live auction in London, the legendary house brings some of the world’s a lot of exquisite handbags under the gavel, and you can be among the lucky bidders.

At the online auction, which runs now through June 19 at the Christie’s website, you’ll find a summer-perfect assortment of pieces from brands like Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, with options primed for both seasoned and emerging collectors. That includes exotic leathers like crocodile, alligator, and lizard, as well as limited editions like the rare Hermès Kelly Picnic Bag and Chanel’s seasonal runway minaudieres. For those trying to find simpler pieces, smaller accessories, or everyday bags, there are also lots of well-priced options in conventional leathers from the same famous designers and in dazzling shades best for warm weather.

Christie’s online Auction Favorites

Hermès, 2017 A shiny Bleu Électrique Porosus Crocodile tiny Constance 18 with Gold Hardware.
Estimate : USD 26,000 – 35,000.

Chanel, 2016 A Métiers d’Art Paris-Rome Black & Silver Lucite, Crystal & metal motion picture cam evening Bag with Silver Hardware.
Estimate : USD 7,000 – 9,000.

Hermès, 2017 A Bleu Électrique, Indigo, Lime, & Vert Foncé Togo, Calf box & Chèvre leather Retourné Kelly au Trot 28 with Palladium Hardware.
Estimate : USD 9,000 – 12,000.

Hermès, 2013 A Rare, Turquoise Swift leather & Osier Picnic Kelly with Palladium Hardware.
Estimate : USD 20,000 – 25,000.

Hermès, 2017 A Jaune Poussin Swift leather Birkin 25 with Gold Hardware.
Estimate : USD 10,000 – 15,000.

At the June 12 London auction, Christie’s put an emphasis on unearthing vintage gems from some of the world’s a lot of excellent private collections, supplying bidders with the thrill of a once-in-a-lifetime find. This auction includes both men’s and women’s options, including eight pieces with precious stone hardware, which is the most that have ever been used at a single auction. There is also a selection of ultra-rare Louis Vuitton trunks, including one from the high-profile Louis Vuitton x supreme collaboration, which sold out nearly instantly.

Christie’s London Auction Favorites

Hermès, 2008, An Exceptional, Matte White Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile diamond Birkin 30 With 18K White Gold & diamond Hardware.
Estimate GBP 100,000 – GBP 150,000 (USD 133,500 – USD 200,250).

Hermès, 1991, An Exceptional, shiny Black Porosus Crocodile Sellier diamond tiny Kelly 20 With 18K Gold & diamond Hardware.
Estimate GBP 20,000 – GBP 25,000 (USD 26,700 – USD 33,375).

Hermès, 2010, An Exceptional, shiny Vert Foncé Porosus Crocodile diamond Birkin 35 With 18K Yellow Gold & diamond Hardware.
Estimate GBP 60,000 – GBP 80,000 (USD 80,100 – USD 106,800).

Hermès, 1996, carried out In 2009, A special painted White & Red Ardennes leather Nasa Retourné Kelly 35 With Gold Hardware By Tom Sachs.
Estimate GBP 20,000 – GBP 30,000 (USD 26,700 – USD 40,050).

Hermès, 2005, A Rare, metallic Silver Chèvre leather tiny Constance 18 With Palladium Hardware.
Estimate GBP 6,000 – GBP 8,000 (USD 8,010 – USD 10,680).

For the online auction, buyers can peruse the lots at Christie’s website, as well as checking out them in person in new York City at the Christie’s Rockefeller center galleries from June 8 to June 13. To give you an idea of the stunning bags on offer, we’ve showcased some of our favorites.