The many Bags of stars at the Paris Couture Week autumn 2016 shows

March 21, 2023 By jkret 0

Couture Week runs on a different routine than the routine fashion seasons. since clients order directly from the brands as well as designers don’t requirement additional time to gather orders from as well as ship stock to retailers, you don’t get the six-month lead time between the show as well as the season in which the garments is meant to be worn. That means that the autumn 2016 couture shows just wrapped up in Paris, even though the season’s ready-to-wear shows occurred back in March. I question there’s any type of market on earth with a more challenging routine than fashion. (Maybe book publishing?)

Anyway, back to the point: the couture shows just wrapped up, which means we did a fresh crop of bag-spotting as well as we’re right here to share the spoils with you. A great deal of the biggest stars were frustratingly bag-free (handbags aren’t a couture product, after all), however we still determined a number of lots noteworthy handbags on the arms of models, starlets as well as fashion luminaries alike.

Adriana Abascal
Delvaux brilliant Bag
$6,000 via Barneys
Adriana is one of those former fashion designs who has ended up being something of a resident of the world.

Adriana Abascal
Valentino Glam Lock Bag
$4,075 via Neiman Marcus
That means she’s frequently invited to (and attends) extremely elegant fashion shows.

Alexandra Golovanoff
Prada Cahier Bag
Shop Prada via Bergdorf Goodman
Alexandra is a French fashion editor, however she extremely just recently likewise introduced a line of cashmere sweaters. This Prada bag isn’t out yet, so you understand she’s special.

Ayemeline Valade
Dior Diorama Bag
I like stating Ayemeline’s full name out loud. It’s a fantastic design name.

Bao Bao Wan
Dior woman Dior Bag
Bao Bao’s a fashion jewelry designer very first as well as foremost, however she’s likewise worked together with MAC.

Bella Hadid
Givenchy Lucrezia Bag
$2,395 via
It seems as though’s Bella’s older sibling didn’t make the trip to Couture Week, however at least one of the Hadids was on hand to look fantastic in clothing.

Bella Hadid
Givenchy Pandora Box Minaudiere
$1,690 via Saks
And to go to parties! likewise to look fantastic in garments while going to parties.

Caroline de Maigret
Chanel frame shoulder Bag
This is just speculation, however at this point, Caroline has such a long Chanel attendance streak that she as well as Karl Lagerfeld most likely consult on the date before it’s scheduled.

Σελίν Ντιόν
Dior Diorama Alligator Bag
Honestly I’m so happy Céline as well as the fashion market have embraced each other this year.

Σελίν Ντιόν
Roger Vivier miss Viv Bag
$2,550 via
It’s not just 23-year-old fashion blog writers as well as starlets who look fantastic all dolled up in several designer attire per day!

Chiara ferragni
Dior Diorever Tote
Although, to be fair, they look quite great too.

Elena Perminova
Dior Stardust Backpack
Don’t fail to remember the Russian oligarchs’ wives! They are likewise extremely stylish.

Elena Perminova
Miu Miu Dahlia Saddle Bag
$1,850 via Saks
Elena is their present queen.

Elena Perminova
Prada Micro Galleria Bag
Shop Prada via Bergdorf Goodman
My preferred fun truth about Elena is that she as well as her hubby satisfied when he assisted her get out of jail as a young woman. (She was in there since of a poor boyfriend.)

Elizabeth von Guttman
Dior mini Satchel
We spotted this new bag in the hands of a number of guests as well as aren’t rather sure what its official name is yet.

Ines de la Fressange
Roger Vivier big Pouch
Shop Roger Vivier via Neiman Marcus
Ines has a longstanding connection with Vivier as well as usually brings the brand’s bags no matter which shows she’s attending.

Ines de la Fressange
Roger Vivier shoulder Bag
Shop Roger Vivier via Neiman Marcus
Για παράδειγμα.

Joan Smalls
Miu Miu Dahlia Saddle Bag
$1,850 via Saks
I like when paparazzi catch the designs emerging from shows since their theatrical makeup is such a fantastic contrast to their surroundings.

Kristina Bazan
Valentino Lock Bag
$2,345 via Saks
Kristina is providing the goth look a go lately.

Laura Bailey
Chanel traditional Flap Bag
Chanel didn’t have rather as big a parade of bag-wielding celebs as it frequently does, however we still caught a couple.

Li Bingbing
Dior Diorissimo mini Bag
What a adorable bit sailor dress. (Without, you know, being a sailor dress.)

Lucie de la Falaise
Dior Diorama Clutch
As you may have guessed by her last name, Lucie is indeed associated to fashion legend Loulou. (She’s Loulou’s niece.)

Marianne Faithfull
Chanel traditional Flap Bag
You never understand who may turn up at a Chanel show; this year’s most delightful surprise was rock n’ roll legend Marianne Faithfull.

Marina Hands
Roger Vivier Prismick denim container Bag
$1,550 via Roger Vivier
Marina is a French actress, which is a group of people frequently discovered at fashion shows.

Dior Diorama Club Bag
Where there is a Dior event, there as well shall be Marion Cotillard.

Milla Jovovich
Chanel traditional Flap Bag
Milla was one more surprise at the Chanel show; she brought her daughter, which is one of Karl Lagerfeld’s preferred things in recent years. (For example, will Smith went to this year with his child Willow, who’s currently staring in her very first Chanel campaign, though neither brought bags.)

Miroslava duma
Gabriela Hearst Nina Bag
Miroslava’s seasons-long commitment to this bag is one of the most confusing mysteries in fashion for me. Is she…personal buddies with Ms. Hearst?

Miroslava duma
Miu Miu Python top handle Bag
$3,450 via Saks
Miu Miu doesn’t have a couture line, however the brand did sponsor a huge celebration for the fashion set during the week’s festivities.

Natalia Vodianova
Dior Diorama Bag
Personally I am extremely much in favor of the pattern toward designs retiring from the runway however continuing to attends shows as well as look flawless.

Olivia Παλέρμο
Dior Diorama Bag
Speaking of looking flawless: Olivia Palermo has this whole fashion Week thing down to a science.

Olivia Παλέρμο
Dior mini Satchel
She was likewise among the recipients of Dior’s unreleased new bag.

Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece
Dior Diorama Bag
If we’re keeping score, Dior most likely attracts more nobility to its shows than anyone.

Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand
Dior woman Dior Micro Bag
I mean, if you were a princess, wouldn’t you want to wear Dior?

Sabine Getty
Dior woman Dior Python mini Bag
The Gettys may not be technical royalty, however they’re about as close as America gets.

Stella Maxwell
Gucci GG ultimate Backpack
$2,690 via Gucci
Stella has never done anything quietly in her life and, you know, great for her.

Vanessa Paradis
Chanel Envelope Clutch
Vanessa Paradis looking every inch the Karl Lagerfeld preferred she is seems like a strong method to round out one more Paris Couture season.